If the Canucks are the last Canadian team in the play-offs, central Canada will cheer for an American team.  That the CBC refused to broadcast the last Canucks game is further evidence of the degree to which Ontario dominates national institutions. And of course the degree to which the national broadcaster is an ad revenue whore:),.

NB. Any offence given to the hard working men and women of Canada’s prostitution sector by comparing them to the national broadcaster was unintended.


Miller is no longer a member of the NDP: Good now we don’t have to vote for him while we hold our noses. Provincial liberal cabinet minister in the works???

Hargrove is in favour of the deal between Dion and May. May we say, (pun intended) if Hargrove is for it we are against it. See, two can play at reactionary politics. CAW is quickly becoming politically irrelevant.

New Liberal ad: talk left and govern to the right. The liberals have never missed a symbolic opportunity to be on the left. Problem is, when they actually legislate it is always to the right. And now apparently on taxes.

Dion shaking his fists: Stop you look like a three year old in a feeding chair.

Canucks: in five we hope.

Proving once again the perpetual revolving door between corporate Canada and the two business parties is still alive and well, Belinda has jumped ship back to daddy’s company. Oh well I guess another stint in opposition at that pay provided neither the power nor the status that such “new monied” Canadians feel they need. Cheers!

More important though, it does indicate that the big heavies have decided that the Cons are in for a majority or narrow minority. This is not good for the Liberals.

Disutopia is the most significant project of our time. It is not the temporary absence of Utopia but the celebration of the end of social dreams. Social dreams have become a nightmare in which it is impossible to materialise our desires into a collective thought. Disutopia should not be confused with the form in which it appears: indifference. Disutopia entails an active process involving simultaneously the struggle to control diversity and the acclamation of diversity; the repression of the struggles against Disutopia and celebration of individual self-determination. The result of this is social schizophrenia. In so far as diversity, struggle and contradiction cannot be eliminated by political or philosophical voluntarism, Disutopia has to be imposed. The advocates of Disutopia spend a huge amount of time in de-construction, repentance, denial, forgetfulness, anti-critique, coupled with academic justifications and the scientific classification of the horrors of our time. Whilst the reality of capitalism is destroying planet earth, Disutopia pictures Utopia as a romantic, naïve and old-fashioned imaginary that is accused of not dealing with the real world. However, our point is that Disutopia can only be sustained by denying the real content of life, i.e. the foundations of the real world. The result of all this together is mediocrity.

Dinerstein and Neary “Class struggle and the Communist Manifesto” (2001, p. 4).

By Goodwin Ginger

There is nothing necessarily wrong with being sentimental when reporting on a foundational national myth: Vimy Ridge is where the First World War turned in favour of the Allies, and where an independent Canadian identity was forged. National Myths are useful insofar as they serve to give us a sense of a national and collective identity. Moreover, they serve to recall the great sacrifices and horrors that were endured to create that identity.

Yet to hear some tell the story of Vimy Ridge, you would think World War One was staged just so Canada could forge an independent identity. Indeed, if we are to go by the CBC’s coverage of Vimy, all we would know is that a lot of Canadians died taking a strategically important hill in a War that had apparently no causes or consequences. We would not know that besides the 3,500 hundred Canadians that died taking that god forsaken hill, that untold millions of others died in the Great War. Nor would we know why and what those Canadians, and untold other millions, were fighting and dying for. The platitudes coming from the national broadcaster and right wing commentators would have us believe that it was a fight about freedom. Oh really? Freedom from, and freedom to what?

True for some elites it was a war about freedom to get into and extend their colonial empires and imperial trading blocks. For other elites like the British and the Ottoman’s it was about preserving their decaying empires. It was a product of an interstate system in which national elites created insecurity in other nations by engaging unrestrained arms procurment and development along side gross militarism instead of diplomacy.

But for workers and farmers, those it must be said who did 95% of the fighting and dying, it was at best about the siren call of nationalism, duty, and loyalty. These are all virtues in most conditions, but when cynically manipulated by elites almost always deadly vices. Indeed, is that not how our good neighbours to the south got sucked into Iraq?

To recognize the utter senselessness of the First World War, its horrendous waste of human life and sick manipulation of farmers’ and workers’ loyalty and sense of duty, in no way undermines their valour. But if Vimy, and the slaughter of Canadians, is to have any meaning, beyond serving as a mere stage for a Canadian national identity play, the national broadcaster and the Canadian media owe Canadians a larger context through which to understand how it was that so many young Canadian farmers and workers came to loose their lives in Europe; and how it was that a European war managed to suck broad swaths of the entire world into its bloody and sadistic vortex.

If Vimy is only remembered as the stage upon which a Canadian identity was forged we will have utterly dishonoured the memory of how it was our valiant soldiers came to fall at a little known ridge called Vimy.

Happy Easter Gentiles,
Would someone please crucify Kinsella already so we can finally get him off the cross.

Wolfowitz partner’s pay rise sparks protest

By Krishna Guha in Washington

Published: April 5 2007 02:38 | Last updated: April 5 2007 02:38

World Bank staff are protesting over reports that Paul Wolfowitz’s partner, Shaha Riza, a bank official, was given a promotion and pay increase to $193,000 when she was seconded to the US State Department.

In an e-mail circulated to all bank employees, the staff association on April 3 called on its management and board to explain “what appear to be violations of staff rules in favour of a staff member closely associated with the president”.