That fact is that any certain claim by man (sic) to know the mind of god is not only blasphemous but also futile.  By definition god is a bit of mystery beyond the bounds of human knowledge; indeed this is what is meant by man is fallible.  Man is fallible not simply because he is a sinner but more importantly because there are inherent limitations to mans knowledge. Man will even sin when it is not his intention to do so. It follows from this that we have no possible way to know which way god would vote.   So the point is that any question of which way Jesus would vote is a dumb question.  Obviously the right, centre and left can find textual evidence in the bible supporting their respective projects but this is an entirely different proposition than stating what the mind of god is.  Politics is the providence of man; judgement is the providence of god and we should think the political party affiliations of Jesus unknowable.