For the longest time we have tried to figure out the allure of Kinsella. By all insider accounts he was less of a backroom general than a side room shill in the Chretien court. Oh sure towards the end Kinsella got a boost but by that time it was when Chretien needed all the friends he could get so Kinsella got a promotion—to what we are not sure.

Every once in a while we wander over to his blog and sometimes we even peruse his putative column in the National Post. A newspaper it should be said that is incapable of displacing that increasingly poor excuse for a national daily newspaper known as the Globe and Mail. Indeed, if one were to discount the Post’s circulation in Western Canada and the free copies circulating on West Jet’s regional flights the pathetic status of the Post would be plain for all to see. And while we can’t say if Kinsella’s association with the Post is responsible for the declining circulation it is certainly true that Canadians are not flocking to pony up the 25cents to read Kinsella’s column.

But we digress. What is the allure of Kinsella? Is it a measure of how thin the Canadian punditry is that Kinsella manages to rank? Is Kinsella really the best the provincial liberals in Ontario can do for strategist? Here is a hint Dalton, strategy is different from tactics. And really all Kinsella brings is antics. Spend the cash and hire a strategist from south of the border. At least that way you can get access to first hand strategies rather then buying second hand tactics that Kinsella has ripped off from his cousins in the south.

Again, we digress. What is the allure of Kinsella? The equivalent of a Puck Bunny for politicians is the best we could come up with.