It seems like not a week can go by without someone from the self described progressive community banning a long time (this is the internets so 2 months is a long time) member from their blog roll. We know individuals control these aggregators but they need to realize that they have a quasi public good aspect to them when they invoke a particular community identity for their aggregator. When Progressive bloggers moved to ban a member they did so at their personal discretion despite the fact that they are using and invoking the collective term “progressive” to attract blogs to their aggregator. Why not just call it Peter, Paul and Mary’s blog aggregator instead of acting as though one is trying developed a public institution and then behave as a private autocrat?

True Cherniak runs liblogs but he does so on behalf of self described liberal leaning bloggers. If Cherniak wants to maintain an authoritarian line on what is permissible why does he not just be honest and call it Cherniak’s liberal blog aggregator? Tolerance takes patients and the ability to distinguish between your personal tastes and the broad tastes present in the putative community you purport to represent. True wisdom of course is about not exercising power at one’s whim and alas Cherniak is a boy.

Anyhow, we notice that the Dippers seem to be much better on this score and tolerate a much broader range of opinion. So if you are looking for an aggregator which is not likely to ban you at some point perhaps the blogging dippers are the way to go.