Someone is trying to Hack our site: We received several emails from wordpress indicating that someone has requested a new password for our site. Asking to have our password reset does nothing unless we confirm it. Amateurs! You will need to directly hack the site or our email account. Beyond the illegality of all this you should also know we switched all of our passwords to a long alphanumeric pin. So a dictionary hack is not going to cut it. If you try to hack our email account you are going to find the same thing. We have also backed up this site so even if by some fluke you managed to hack it we will be up in a day.

You should also note we do not store any of our emails on our account and our ISP is registered to a third party which has no direct connection to us. It is a waste of your time. So unless you can get CSIS to take an interest in us, which we doubt you can, as they have real things to worry about just chillax and debate the argument (if you indeed have one) on its merits.

We should also note that we have contacted wordpress and requested the IP address from which the request was made.  Once we have this we will be taking the appropriate legal action.  Given this was an amateur attempt we are sure you did not cover your tracks very well.