After a lengthy debate and some acrimony the editorial collective (minus one) has decided to put Canadian Observer back on the air. Our decision was based on the following logic

1) We did not write anything we were unwilling to stand by. Kinsella is an emotive prick, and there is rigid line being promulgated by many mainstream Jewish organizations in Canada about what constitutes support for Israel and by extension what is anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic. We stand by this. Indeed it so obviously true we need not have belaboured the point.

a) To that end we removed two posts as they simply reiterated that line and it is apparent for all to see should they choose to make thier own investigations. Indeed, in belabouring that point we allowed those in denial the opportunity to harass us on the margins. Holding out typos and minor inaccuracies as though they were sufficient to debunk the central clarion truth. Indeed, was it not so true none would have bothered. There is a civil war of sorts going on within the Jewish community on these issues and it best left within the family. We just wish they would kick the gentiles out and go back to doing their laundry in house.

2) We have decided that there is a truth which dare not speak its name when it comes to the issue of Israel and Palestine. Most people on either side of the issue do not want subtlety or historical analysis. The terms in which the debate is carried out are emotive, paranoid and at this point unethical. All who drink of a poisoned well become thereby poisoned.

3) We do believe Kinsella is an injurious little prick that needs to be stood up to. His article in the Post needed to be opposed on so many levels.

4) When you take a principled stand you must be prepared to deal with its consequences. Those of us who remain have made that preparation. So bring it fat man, do your worst.