Dear Dawg with respect to your post in our comments section,

This is not about freedom of expression per se as we are already on record as understanding the limitations to that right.

The question is: what is the responsibility of members of a community to one another? And this is why the little show trial you had was so disgusting. Apologize or be banned. This is Maoist re-education at its best.

Who but the most defeated of individual without any sense of personal autonomy could bend to that especially if they felt it was being motivated by the likes of Kinsella and Cherniak? Robert’s comment was full of shit we all decried him for that we even educated him on that. End of story. Or at least that should have been. But you little kids needed to make clear your virginal purity.

Which of course is bullshit because there are dark places in your hearts somewhere –unless of course you now have achieved transcendence into a God.

And the reference to Apartheid was about just that: (1) censorship of this type is futile and (2) how injuriously offended people deal with the perpetrators of those offences. The wisdom of the TRC was that Apartheid was a complex social beast which was not the property of any individual but rather the property of a social totality which spanned vast swaths of time and geography reaching way down into the very soul of the West and its colonial endeavors (see any connection to anti-semitism?). The TRC made young activists all very sick. The elders defended its (TRC) wisdom. You all should grow up. Purity is for babies and Gods and you my little Dawg are a man. Learn the difference.

“Attack the argument, the emotion but not the man.” Given your apparent foundness for Maoist re-education here is a suggestion: write that on a chalk board, tie it around your neck and repeat it outloud as you walk down the public streets.