1. Jason Cherniak Says:
    March 5th, 2007 at 7:43 pm eSo in the end you come to the same conclusion as me, yet still insist that I was wrong?Maybe you wouldn’t hire me to be your lawyer, but the feeling is mutual. I wouldn’t trust you to read my bill and sign the cheque properly.
  2. You’re an asshole Cherniak, you would build your whole career on the suffering of Jewish people. Your whole post was about smearing the NDP, continuing your personal vendetta against Robert and raising your own stock. You’re vile. If you gave one small turd about anti-Semitism you would have simply thanked Robert for his initial post and pointed out to Robert that he seemed to be a victim of a similar type of logic. But then this had nothing to do with education or helping people through their own un-thought anti-Semitic dispositions. It was all about you and crass politicking. You would have made an excellent commissar.