OK just so you know there are more of us out here than you think just not as many as we would want. It is just that most of us have been banged into the discursive shape of the times. Hoping beyond hope that the world has really not moved so far to the right. But alas it has. So sometimes we just say fuck it and blog about technology from an open source point of view.

But hey what do you want in a world where in one breath the environment is pointed to as the single biggest market failure in human history and in the next breath we are told that market based solutions are the only solutions. And then we are further told that these two propositions taken together are Radical! How much room does this leave for the Hard Left as you call it?

I think most of the Hard left has either scurried off to regulate bicycle helmets, smoking, seat belts, trans fats (do you think if they were hetero fats they would get such a bum rap?) in short the public safety and morality committee (what about the children?); or they have joined a cult like urban avante guarde where they waiting for us to kick things off so they can jump to the front and lead us to where we were already going; or they have given up; or a yet even smaller group of us are blogging and passing time until the great slumber comes to end.

The Real Parliamentary Hard Left, left the house circa 1972. And neither they nor the NDP has really gone anywhere. It is interesting that despite the expulsion of the Hard Left, the NDP has remained a distant third party despite its cleansing. There is lesson somewhere in there for the NDP but I think they would be rather unreceptive to it. Anyway the sons and daughters of the HARD LEFT nay the SOLID LEFT are here to battle on. Rage rage against the dying of the light as we do.