This comes from the comment section of our last post. There is a large kernel of truth in it we thinks.

Harper is the product of a culture whose outrages seem to mount day-by-day on issues great and small. Anger is his modus operandi, and it is a never-ceasing torrent of rage, indignation, and victimization. It is particularly telling of a culture who has controlled the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, the majority of premierships and the media, could somehow paint themselves as being persecuted, helpless, and oppressed. In virtually any conceivable setting, this backlash self-victimization would be utterly discredited were the battles fought on specific winnable issues. By adopting policy agendas by which they cannot possibly achieve their goals, the ever-present spectre of failure looms overhead, adding a sense of nobility; a righteous Christian cause fought tirelessly against a mighty, monolithic enemy whose all-encompassing authority routinely crushes the gallant defenders of Good. Who wouldn’t want to be fighting with the vanguard of freedom and righteousness?