By Goodwin Ginger

As many of you may know, Kevin Evans left the CBC to head up the Retail Council of Canada. To get an idea of just how right wing, anti-union and anti employee rights the major sectoral industry associations are check out this web page LabourWatch. And who do you think is the VP over at this little union busting consortium? Yep Kevin Evans.


But beyond the curiosity of the trajectory of Evans’ career–from the CBC to the Pinkertons– there is the actual content of Labour Watch’s web site. This site is dedicated to the scuttling of union drives and the decertification of existing unions. Moreover it appears it is even dedicated to undermining unorganized workers attempts to take their employer to the Labour Board for unfair practices.  The site says that it is advancing employee rights.  How you might ask?  By telling workers how to decertify; by telling wokers that the union only wants them for their dues etc etc; and by informing employees of how Unions engage in unfair labour practices and are anti-democratic.


Notice that when you click on the members link almost every major sectoral association is listed along with a stable of employee harassing law firms . I Know of no equivalent single desk resource on the web for workers who either want a union or want to take their employer to the Labour Board for unfair labour practices. Maybe this is a project for the CLC. Organized labour needs to start thinking outside of the box. Heavens knows capital is.