We have all had that dream where we are suddenly in some public location only to discover that we have no clothes on and are desperate to just find something to cover the bare essentials. The man who lost money selling oil is widely expected to announce 20,000 more troops and 1 billion more dollars for that fantasy turned disaster in Babylon. The FT reports that the strategy is thus:


“Increased troop concentrations mean more patrols to disrupt insurgent activity, more observation points to monitor areas where guerrillas might gather, more checkpoints at which fugitives might be caught, and other benefits.”


Let us re-write that sentence so it has a modicum of reality to it, it should read: “Increased troop concentrations mean more patrols for insurgents to snipe at, more observation points for insurgents to blow up, more check-points for guerrillas to harass, and other sundry targets of opportunity.”


Some pundit on the CBC this morning argued that the Americans must succeed because the free world hangs in the balance. We could not agree more and that is why they have to fail. American failure is the only hope freedom has these days. And fail they will.


In reality Iraq was lost a long time ago. The Americans will leave, the question is when not if. What of Iraq? Iraq is lost for at least the next two generations. The invasion destroyed at least fifty years worth of development and twisted the honest desire of Iraqis for a more pluralistic society into what is by now a deep urning for security. Such conditions suggest that we are likely to see a strong man who will dually promise and perhaps provide security at the expense of pluralistic openness. In short a decidedly less secular version of Saddam. Nice work.


And to think the Cons would have had Canada underwrite this crime against international law and common sense.