Is it just me or does CBC Toronto get dumber and dumber by the day? I have tried to ignore their need to endlessly quote Fraser Institute studies and never once mention their extreme ideological bias. Yet when they interview a Somali chap with regard to the Ethiopian invasion the interviewer is adamant that the Somali is biased. No shit his country has just been invaded and Mogadishu is set to possibly be thrust once again back into chaos. I guess he is a little exercised and biased. WTF might biased mean in that context? Don’t interviewer’s have any obligation to research even the most basic facts with some historical sense of their subjects and objects?


The metro morning warriors then move on to some other item and the commentator reports that the Canadian media found Sweden a little pricey: three coffees and a danish they report cost 16$ to which the reporter responded “wow am I glad I live in Canada, Sweden is too expensive.” What a provincial idiot. Last time I checked Canada and Sweden had nearly identical GDP per capita levels when calculated on a PPP basis. Which means that if you are earning your living in Sweden goods and services will cost roughly the same in both countries. This would be a reasonable mistake for a teenager who had never left his native soil but not for a grown adult working at the national broadcaster.


Of course not being able to triangulate out of wet paper bag seems to be getting common place at the national broad-caster. I thought public radio was suppose to help make listeners smarter and not trade in simplisms and basic chauvinistic opinion which whithers in the most pale of light.


I appreciate these are but two small items but it is just two out of veritable litany of ignorance being broadcast by the Toronto CBC. What is the qualification for working at metro morning: the ability to set your alarm clock?