Well actually there are other worse ideological shills than Time Magazine in 2006 indeed they probably would not even make my top 50 list. Hell Warren Kinsella is so obscure he would not even make my top 1000 ideological shills. Although he probably would make my top ten self-absorbed list just behind Tony Blair. Alas back to the main point: top ideological shills of 2006.


So why does Time get my vote for Number One Ideological Shill of 2006 even though I say they do not make my top 100? Simple, Hugo Chavez won their on line poll for Person of the Year by a wide margin and who does Time give the person of the year to?  All of us websters.


Leaving aside the fact that ‘person’ is singular and ‘we’ is plural (hey it is Time and it is written at a grade eight level so I suppose we can’t be too sticky on agreement) there is the question of WTF this could possibly mean except to say that ideologically Chavez was unpalatable and the times (pun intended) are so conservative that Time just could not fathom Chavez on the cover. So like Time Magazine I am giving my Top Ideological Shill of the award to a milk-toast nebulous entity with a grade eight reading and comprehension level.