By Goodwin Ginger

For those of you with a passing interest in what is going on in economics and economic analysis done by progressive economists we highly recommend PAER. Generally one does not need an advanced or even intermediate training in economics to be able follow the analysis and arguments that are made in the Review. That said, one does need to put in some mental effort into reading the Review. Two articles stand out in this issue. The first is a piece by John Schmitt and Ben Zipperer “Is the U.S. a Good Model for Reducing Social Exclusion in Europe? Although not all that subtle (a bit of a brute force hack) and a little under referenced it nonetheless provides a rough and ready refutation to all those who would argue the superiority of the American model.


Staying with the theme of superiority, the article by Alan Freeman and Andrew Kliman “Beyond Talking the Talk: towards a critical pluralist practice” takes up the issue of what a truly scientific approach to economics as a social science would require. It is good article which essentially argues for some academic honesty through enforced pluralism whereby the waring factions model of organization and publication of research is replaced by pluralism within organizations and scholarly journals.