By Goodwin Ginger

It appears that there is no end in sight to the CAW’s continued war against the NDP. Reading Stanford shill for the liberal party was almost as bad as reading respectable left-wing economists rush to say something nice about Uncle Milty upon the old bastards death.


This should not be a surprise given that Stanford is youngish, stylish and has good paying job: a job paid for by workers of course. And like all those in the Liberal party who make their living off of workers–and that is a good many for lets not kid ourselves the liberal party is still owned and operated by owners—they do not necessarily feel any need to show any loyalty to workers unless they are forced to.


It is a pity that Buzz won’t get a chance to put a CAW jacket on Bob Rae. No matter, we suspect Jim is looking for one of those green caps. Perhaps he can get one for Buzz and then they can both go cap in hand to the Boss.