This is our first ever Tech Spek let us know what you think.

Last spring the Linux community was a buzz with the news that Sony intended to ship PS3 with a pre-loaded version of Linux operating system. With the launch in Japan and in NA later this week it appears that Sony has made good on its promise. Indeed the PS3 is being shipped with a boot loader that allows for multiple operating systems to be installed. Make no mistake the PS3 is a full blooded desktop computer in a more appealing package than your average PC.

For Linux enthusiasts this is a real sweet deal. Game console makers tend to sell their consoles at a loss a make back their money on the sales of game titles. The PS3 is no exception to this rule. Current figures being bandied about on the internets suggest that the price of the PS3 only represents 50-60% of its cost to build and deliver to markets. For your Linux enthusiast this means one can purchase a PS3 and have a working Linux desktop subsidised by Sony. Contrast this to Xbox where Micro$oft has spent a good deal of time and trouble to ensure that the Xbox 360 can only run, you guessed it the M$ operating system.

What does all this mean for the average game player? Here there is some good deal of debate. Many argue that a games console should remain a games console and that consumers should not be forced to pay for a fully functioning computer when all they want to do is play games. For this segment of the gaming community clearly the PS3 @ a street price of nearly $700 is simply too steep.

However for those who want to own a Home Entertainment PC (HTPC) the PS3 may just be the most cost effective method of building a high definition home entertainment centre on the cheap. For the $700 Sony is asking the would be home theatre builder gets a PC that is designed for high definition including a Blue Ray DVD player which alone has a street price of 500$. Add to this that with the installation of Linux the PS3 can be used as a powerful digital editing desktop.

Yellow Dog Linux was contracted by Sony to provide a PS3 specific Linux port. What this means is that Yellow Dog Linux should be one of the most well designed linux desktops on the market because the OS builders were given the exact specs of all the hardware such that all drivers should be well tailored and integrated with the OS. Indeed user friendliness was apparently a large emphasis in the design of the YD Linux OS such that they are promising a single click installation processes.

While the hard core gaming community will have to decide if the graphics and game titles make the PS3 worth the price, HTPC and Linux enthusiasts can expect a large ROC (return on consumption).