by Greg Palast
for The Guardian (UK), Comment
Monday November 6, 2006

Here’s how the 2006 mid-term election was stolen.

Note the past tense. And I’m not kidding.

And shoot me for saying this, but it won’t be stolen by jerking with
the touch-screen machines (though they’ll do their nasty part). While
progressives panic over the viral spread of suspect computer black
boxes, the Karl Rove-bots have been tunneling into the vote vaults
through entirely different means.

For six years now, our investigations team, at first on assignment
for BBC TV and the Guardian, has been digging into the nitty-gritty
of the gaming of US elections. We’ve found that November 7, 2006 is a
day that will live in infamy. Four and a half million votes have been
shoplifted. Here’s how they’ll do it, in three easy steps: