Everyone who reads our blog knows that we hold Bob Rae in very low esteem. Spoiled rich kid, silver spooned socialist that turned conservative in his later years. So not much love from us. Warren “it takes one to know one” Kinsella made an interesting revelation in his smear on Rae. Yes only Kinsella can pack nine claims, eight lies, and one small but important grain of truth into one sentence.

Kinsella writes:

That Bob Rae is too much like an NDP Premier who lengthened and deepened a recession, laid off thousands of nurses, oversaw countless businesses shutting down, caused massive economic and social dislocation, seemed indifferent to one of the most scandal-plagued administrations in Ontario history, and only tore up his NDP membership card when it had taken his ambition as far as it could reasonably go.”

It is the last claim that rings true to our ear. We wonder if Kinsella writes with a mirror by his keyboard?