We suspect that the NDP could not be happier with the prospect of Iggy as leader of the Liberals. Iggy is an impossibly hard pitch to the Canadian electorate. His populist appeal is about zero outside of the icon gazing, star chasers that are the Canadian intellegencia.

How are the liberals going to pitch Iggy out west? How are they going to pitch him to northern Ontario? How are they going to pitch an Anglo-American war supporting Harvard academic to Quebec? That leaves southern Ontario and the East coast. And the problem is that the NDP gets seats and has some base level support in southern Ontario.

Iggy is a fantasy come true for the NDP. Is Iggy,however, a threat to the cons/lib swing voter? If Iggy had one ounce of populist appeal we would say yes. But we suspect that all of the coaching in the world will not turn Iggy into a man with popular appeal for either the right or the left. That leaves the Canadian intellegencia. And even with Kinsella’s support that still leaves them about a million votes shy of a majority.