One wonders how Kinsella’s good pal Cherniak feels about Warren’s post today? Yes Jason that was a knife you felt churning in your spine. Oh and we might add Jason you are now two for two. Do you get the feeling that everything you touch eventually has a familiar odor?

Warren approving, quotes Wells on his blog:

October 2, 2006 – The good folks over at Maclean’s (and they are good folks, despite what the anti-Whyte nutbars say) have some gremlins in their site today. So my more learned and more erudite colleague, Paul Wells, has said this to me, which I pass on to you, with his permission:

“…this is not only “Ignatieff’s to lose,” he’s probably not going to lose it. There should be a particularly toasty corner of Hell for whoever was supposed to bring out Dion’s Ontario vote…”