Just when you thought you had seen it all. Cherniak now says he is putting his comments list on moderation because people are being mean and he is sick of the insults. Whoa big guy, did someone say you were advocating that pedophiles be ordained? Or did someone say that you planned to move drug dealers into your neighborhood? Or did someone accuse of saying that there was little difference between Jesus and a serial killer?

If so we would not only be shutting down our comments section we would be suing these libelous bastards. Really, don’t go all mommas boy on us after you have already used your blog to destroy two careers within the Liberal party and are now trying to destroy the reputation of an NDP politician. Even Kinsella does not pull this cry baby crap. Then again Kinsella does not allow comments and refuses public debate. After what happend in BC perhaps a good move on his part.