By Goodwin Ginger

What a difference 48 hours can make. Kinsella and Cherniak are busy trying to cover their collective ass by moderating their smear against Rev. DiNovo. Problem is that it is too late and their antics are threatening the already fragile reputation of the Liberal party. First they made the argument that Rev. DiNovo advocated for the ordination of pedophiles, which she did not. When that lie would not stick they then moved to the more moderate smear that Rev. DiNovo compared Homolka to Christ, which she did not. All she said was that society creates scapegoats for its contemporary troubles as did the Romans with Christ. The point of comparison therefore was the phenomenon of scapegoating not in the character of the two individuals being compared.

Now all of this is pretty standard fair within Christian theology: Protestant or otherwise. That Cherniak and Kinsella have decided to attack Rev DiNovo for preaching this means that they have ended up having to reject one of the central tenants of Christian morality. This extreme form of political warfare is indeed a sad state of affairs.

Kinsella is of course a beast unto himself having no official connection to the Libs. Cherniak on the other hand is not. Indeed he is one of Stephane Dion’s foot-soldiers and a central figure within the Liberal Party of Canada. It is high time that Dion and the Party took a stand for maintaining a certain standard of decency in Canadian political discourse and called Cherniak to heel. Dion and the Liberals must rise above the din by simply and quickly demanding that Cherniak resign from his positions with Dion and the Liberal Party of Canada.


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