By Goodwin Ginger

Politics is a blood sport as we all know. Cherniak and Kinsella are of course rank amateurs in the sport. Apparently Kinsella and Cherniak think that the movie Bad Lieutenant was a pro rape film. We would act shocked, appalled or morally outraged but hey what is the point? “Warren King of Jews Kinsella” and his little protégé “Jason the Excommunicator of Jews Cherniak” are at it again this time they are going after Rev. DiNovo. What did the protestant Rev ever do to them you ask? She is running as a candidate for the NDP. And running she is: check out these numbers. QED.

We always knew Kinsella’s Catholic guilt was leading him to extremes we just did not think that Cherniak would come out against 2000 years of theological Christian debate over the concepts of Grace, Judgment and Sin. Apparently like the hard line Rabbis Kinsella and Cherniak have decided that Christian morality, particularly its protestant incarnation, is a plague upon civilization and victory. Why Cherniak and Kinsella are protestant haters we just don’t know.

Or perhaps we do. See the thing is these two are liberal party hacks with little to add to public debate or indeed in the way of sober counsel to the LPC. Forever destined to troll in the wilderness they are political mercenaries. They have their friends and they have their enemies and these change over time with the tea leaves. They have neither principle nor sophisticated intellect and as such are perfectly suited to the role of attack dogs in the political division of labour.

All one can hope to learn from their musings is who they hate, what are some of the fault-lines that are currently exposed within the LPC and perhaps which of their candidates is about to loose a safe seat. Outside of that all we can learn is who is responsible for the destruction of political discourse in Canada.

Yet on the question of Kinsella and Cherniak’s worthiness of redemption we leave that to the divine: as judgment is of course the provenance of G-D. Any other position would be blasphemous in any of the houses of Abraham.

Readers who are interested in the Reverend’s sermon which Kinsella and Cherniak have libelously spun can click here. Lets Hope DiNovo wins on Thursday perhaps the dogs will rest for a spell.