Does it get anymore bizarre than this? In an article printed in the Jerusalem Post it is reported that the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) has chastised the IDF for being infected with a corrupt morality which lead to the defeat in Lebanon.

What you say the RCA has come out against the spilling of innocent blood? Well yes sort of but only if you consider combatants (and only Jewish ones at that) as the only innocents in war! The post article continues on to say that Rabbis in Israel were more candid as their diasporic comrades were a little shy about criticizing Israel. Rabbi Dov Lior stated:

“There are no innocent parties in a time of war,” he continued. “Rather, one must battle a bellicose city until it is captured. All types of Christian morality weaken the spirit of our army and our nation and cost us the lives of our soldiers and citizens.”

That’s the ticket blame the Christians! But wait are these Rabbis really suggesting Christian morality has ever presented a block to the killing of innocents? Apparently catholics and protestants must not count as Christians! At least now we know why the Christian Lebanese started to get it towards the end. And now we know why Hubert had to go to eh Cherniak!

By Goodwin Ginger