Kinsella, Cherniak and Co-conspirators have disingenuously interpreted Hubert’s ill faited quote to say that ‘all Jews are violent’ and therefore that Hubert is a “wretched Jew hater”. The second rule of politics is of course to try not to say anything mouth-breathing spin doctors can hang you with. Hubert being just a babe in toy land, it is presumed, has now learned that lesson. However, in the interest of the truth, as opposed to the spin, it is important to discern what the kid actually said. We reproduce the quote in its entirety for purposes of elucidation and without prejudice.


“The Liberal party is stronger without these violent Zionists in our party. I am glad for them to cease influencing our foreign policy so we are free to promote Canadian values of peace. It amazes me that this community is so absurdly selfish. The only issue that matters to them is the defence of a ‘state’ that survives on the blood of innocent people. Shameful.”


The phrase “these violent Zionists” refers to a subset of the group ‘Zionist’. A subset which Hubert thinks are a violent class of individuals within the larger group of Zionists. Now some would argue that Zionism as a nationalist ideology is by definition to some extent violent as all forms of nationalism tend to be. But Hubert is making a lesser claim which simply says that there is a particular subset of Zionists which are violent. Even Benny Morris could agree with this point.

In the second sentence Hubert writes “ it amazes me that this community is so absurdly selfish.” True the pronoun “this” is ambiguous and of course this is where Kinsella, Cherniak and Co., with not so slight of hand, start their demolition act. But given the ambiguity we all know that the only group that “this” could refer to is the one defined in the sentence immediately preceding: that subset of Zionists who are violent and which are threatening to leave the liberal party unless the liberal party supports the subset of Zionist ideology which is violent.

In the third sentence of this paragraph Hubert says that he wants these violent Zionists; (not all Zionists and certainty not all Jews; as Zionists are a subset of Jews. And there are anti-Zionist Jews and non-violent Zionist Jews in Israel and the diaspora), to leave the liberal party because they are engaging in a single identitarian issue that is not about Canada per se, but, rather, support for a foreign state. A foreign state which Hubert thinks has become addicted violence as the only practicable vector of action. Indeed, war is politics by other means.

Now Hubert’s characterization of the State of Israel as a state that thrives off the blood of innocents is redundant because all states to some extent take succor from the blood of innocents. One nations rule of law is itself erected on the blood and bones of someone else’s ancestors. Think of the Americas and the indigenous peoples to get a sense of what we mean here.

The thing about the State of Israel is that we are only a single generation into its birth. The problem with the violent Zionists like Kinsella (see even gentiles can be violent Zionists) Cherniak, and Co. is that they want it both ways. They want to say that the State of Israel is here to stay and if that means spilling innocent blood so be it, but at the same time they want to maintain that theirs is a virgin state without even a spot of matrimonial blood.

The state, as a general rule however, is a beast who at the time of its birthing feasts off the blood of innocents. Israel is not exceptional in this regard and to treat it as such is unfair; yet, not to acknowledge that Israel conforms to the general pattern of state formation is simply to deny reality for political gain: ‘Spin’ as it were.

By Goodwin Ginger