We here at Canadian Observer certainly believe in the free flow of ideas. The Toronto Sun published our blog without our permission and despite the fact that we clearly outline the terms of use which read as follows:

Copyright, CopyLeft, Terms of Use

All material contained herein maybe freely reproduced, unless otherwise noted, by any not-for-profit endeavour with the following restrictions. Any reproduction unless otherwise stated must acknowledge the source i.e., “canadianobserver” Warren Kinsella, may not reproduce in whole or in part any material contained herein. MSM, must pay to replay.

At the time we decided that such a clear breach of our intellectual property rights could be ignored provided that the Sun was making free access available to our post. Now we have discovered that they are charging for access to the post.

Click this link and you read:

“The story you are searching for is available in its entirety via email, fax or mail for $10.00, payable with credit card (include expiry date). Just call the Sun Media News Research Centre at 416-947-2258 or toll free at 1-877-624-1463 with information about the story and supply the following…”

We think it is time to make an inquiry to the Sun about what they would think of us lifting whole articles from their paper and then charging people to read it.  To that end we have sent the editor at the Star the following email.

Without Prejudice

Dear Sir / Madame,

On Wednesday July 19th 2006 your paper reproduced without permission our blog in your “best of the blogs” section of your paper.  It has now come to our attention that you are charging a fee for access to this article.  We find this to be a complete and total breach of intellectual property rights and request that you undertake one of the two following remedies.

1) You make our article available for free on your web site.


2) You compensate us at the rate of two times your normal per word fee.

Sincerely,Goodwin Ginger