I write urging you to either phone, fax or email the following message to your
federal representatives:

Dear ______________________:

I write urging you to call for an immediate end to the Government of Israel’s
pre-texts which continue to undermine the fragile cease-fire in Lebanon.
Moreover, I ask you to support a position which ends Israeli military raids
into Lebanon, and to continue to press for urgent peacekeeping support, which
will bolster the Government of Lebanon’s position as it aims to uphold its
international commitments.  Further, a substantial peacekeeping mission
will eliminate the potential for re-arming of Hezbollah, and provide for
international accountability for both Hezbollah and the Israeli Defence Force’s
actions there-disabling claims to pre-texts which contravene UN expectations and
increase the risk of failure of the current ceasefire.

Moreover, ending the IDF maritime blockade of Lebanon remains a crucial factor
in the provision of humanitarian aid to Lebanese war affected families. Thank
you for your urgent consideration. Time, as well as pre-texts for failure are a
caustic recipe which will lead to the further destabilization of Lebanon.