Check out this four minute CNN interview with an Israeli spinster. For those without four minutes to spare the pith and substance of the interview is “because we can and you do not care to stop us.”

Meanwhile back in Israel Haaretz online worries about how the war is affecting property values and the associated appetite of the Jewish diaspora for upscale apartments in Israel.

Now we here at Canadian Observer do not specialize in upscale apartments but we suspect that there are spectacular deals to be had on pre-demolished and ethnically cleansed properties in Southern Lebanon. Rumor has it that Harper has an option on four properties (gratis) one of which is a former UN observer post.  In a related and as yet unconfirmed rumor apprently Bush is said to be interested in one of these properties apparently because “ever since Cindy moved in” George has been in the market for a new summer home.

The video clip is here: