By Goodwin Ginger

One almost wants to reach for the term incompetent when it comes to finding a descriptor for Harpers first major test in the foreign policy hot-seat. But as we argued in our last post, we think it is rather a function of ideological dogmatism and crass opportunism that has produced such an absurd position.

How Mr. Harper can go on the international record and give encouragement to the IDF to kill as many civilians as deemed necessary by describing their actions as measured and have made no plan or provision with respect to the lives of Canadians in that region is criminal. A Canadian Prime Minister must ask himself what will policy X mean for the safety of Canadians not what will policy X mean for the aspirations of foreign power B.

Indeed Mr. Harper failed his first test of leadership. It is one thing to take a bellicose policy position but it is unforgivable to not at the same time have ensured there was an efficient plan in place to evacuate Canadians from Lebanon. We hear his only “bold” gambit in this respect is to land in Cypress and pick up a hundred or so waifs on his flight home. What a master of war! What logician of the highest order! Surely we will call him Caesar when he lands!

We feel sorry for the poor Canadians who will have to make the flight with Harper. Can you imagine being trapped in a plane with one of the men that gave the green light to the killing of your relatives and the death of your familial nation: We suspect it will be a quiet flight.