By Goodwin Ginger

23 Palestinians killed after IDF moves into central Gaza Strip” reads today’s headline in the online version of Haaretz.

In the attack seven were killed including one woman, five Children, and one member of Hamas. That is a six to one ratio of civilians to “legitimate targets”. If the Israeli figures as reported in Haaretz are correct, the IDF machine racked up 23 deaths in total including eleven civilians and twelve militants. That gives us a ratio of slightly less than one to one.

Thank G*D the IDF does not target civilians imagine what the civilian body count would look like if they did.

Given that Hamas has yet to back away from a policy of targeting of civilians perhaps they should take a note from the IDF play book and announce an official strategy of only targeting military targets. It appears that such a strategy still allows for the slaughter of innocents under the cover of innocence.