By Goodwin Ginger

We do not like to gloat but sometimes you can just see things coming down the political pipe. As we sarcastically imagined sometime ago in an post titled Bob Rae Comes to Dinner would it not just be too funny if at the next annual convention Buzz gave Bob a big hug and a CAW jacket? It appears that Bob and Buzz are now running a coordinated campaign for a two party system in English Canada. While Rae denies he has been talking directly Buzz there is just too much similarity of intent between the two to not speculate. It seems that there is move by the two former luminaries (and once upon a time adversaries) of the electoral left to in fact destroy it by replacing it with a cynical party machine akin to the Democratic party south of the border.

In the context of a two party system in English Canada Unions could expect to see a similar such dynamic to that in the US. A democratic party that takes the time, money and energy of unionized workers and delivers less than zero in terms of legislation. The Democrats, on the whole, have been capitulationist on almost every major policy issue.

What the left in Canada needs is not a revamped Liberal come DNP but a spine. There is more spine in the general public for an economically activist government than the pundits would have us believe. The left needs to rethink its agenda, which although progressive on socio-symbolic issues, has not been progressive on economic policy for a long time. The public delivering public goods is an essential foundation for a larger vision of social inclusion and tolerance. Citizenship is not just a slogan, it is a real identity which can only be forged through collective inclusion and public institutions which are designed to make all Canadians feel a part of the body politic. And that takes more than a nominal commitment to public health care, the CBC and a pleasant looking individual in the governor general’s chair.