by Goodwin Ginger

So Robert Rae has joined the Liberal leadership race. It is looking like Buzz might get his chance to give Bob a hug and a jacket before the year is up. Reporters at Rae’s announcement were quite pleasant. No barbing questions, no snide editorials, no dismissive sneers. See what a change of party can make Robert? A world of difference!

But I have some questions so let me begin.
1.) Were you lying to us then or are you lying to us now?
2.) Were you lying to yourself then or are you lying to yourself now?
3.) What do you think of Emerson?
4.) What payoff do you expect for joining the race?
5.) How do you feel about female interns?

Here are a couple of rhetorical questions I have.
1.) How many NDP premiers does it take to ruin the NDP in Ontario? Just one, but it has to be Bob Rae.
2.) How many Rhodes scholars does it take to ruin the electoral fortunes of the NDP in Ontario the most populace province in the country? Just one, but it has to be a genius like Bob Rae.

And some questions for union voters in Ontario
1.) Will you vote for Bob Rae?
2.) Do you want your union leaders to hug Bob Rae?

Relax Bob is not going to win the Liberal leadership race. This is merely Bob’s coming out party. He has finally decided that if he is going to walk and talk like a duck he must be a duck. Welcome home Bob. Pity you did not sort out who you were before entering politics.